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The CLB Library Reserves service provides special access to specific high-use materials.
Reserves are located at the Circulation Desk and are accessible any time the Library is open. Please provide the Circulation staff with the title of the item, as well as, in the case of Course Reserves, the last name of the professor teaching the course.

Types of Reserves

Course Reserves

Faculty may request that materials relating to a specific course be placed on reserve by using our Course Reserves Request Form.

Only students enrolled in the course may use these materials. Use of these items may or may not be restricted to inside the Library, and may have a loan period from 2 to 24 hours, depending on the type of reserve the faculty has placed on each item.

Loan PeriodPolicy
2 Hour Must be used in the Library and returned within two hours.
24 Hours May be checked out, but must be returned within 24 hours of check-out time.
3 Day May be checked out, must be returned within 3 days.
7 Day May be checked out, must be returned within 7 days.

Long Term Reserves

General high-use materials from the collection are placed on long term reserve, as well as headphones, calculators, etc. Anyone may use these materials, but usage is restricted to inside the library, and each item may only be checked out for two hours at a time.


Overdue Fines
ItemOverdue FinesMaximum Fine (per item)
Reserve Materials$0.50 / hour$10

Overdue Reserves result in a fine of 50 cents for every hour they are overdue, with a maximum of $10 per item.