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Government Documents

Federal Depository Library Program

Access Policy

The Catawba College Library has been a selective depository for U.S. Government documents since the 1890s. Catawba College is a private institution, but the public is welcome to use library facilities. The library is open 84 hours per week. Changes in the normal library schedule are posted at the entrance to the library and on the library.s website. As a Federal Depository Library, the library is committed to public access to government information for all citizens.

Print documents are on open shelving. Microform and DVD/CDROMs are in cases that can be accessed by the public. Electronic documents are available via the library.s online catalog and specific government websites.. All formats are available to the public all hours that the library is open. Documents are shelved and cataloged using the SUDOC (Superintendent of Documents) classification system. Many of our documents can be located through the library.s online catalog. Access to FDLP Electronic materials is available via public workstations located near the circulation and reference desks on the main floor. Workstations are in compliance with the ADA. A reader printer is available for documents in microform. Reference assistance for federal documents is available for approximately 75-80 hours each week. If a document is not available in the library.s collection or from an online source, patrons will be provided with bibliographic information and referred to an appropriate source or another library.

The library selects materials in a variety of formats and selects the publications listed as the .Basic Collection. for all depository libraries. In addition to the .Basic Collection. the library selects other documents supportive of its primary clientele, the students, faculty and staff of Catawba College, and its secondary clientele, local citizens, local institutions and the general public. The government documents collection also includes North and South Carolina and selected southeastern states 7.5 minutes geological survey map quadrangles. Links to selected Federal Web sources can be found on the library.s website at the virtual reference desk. The U.S. government's official web portal is located at This site locates resources from local, state and/or federal government agency websites.

Federal Documents Locations at the Catawba College Library

Catalog LocationDescriptionPhysical Location
Government Documents General Print Collection Basement - West side of stacks between steps
Reference Documents Small section of compact shelves beyond East steps
Government Media and Microform Microfilms area in the basement hallway near the bathrooms
Maps Main Floor, next to West steps and near Interlibrary Loan office