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CLB Library / Services / Collection Development / Specific Selection Policies

Collection Development Specific Selection Policies

The following principles shall guide the development of the collection of the Corriher-Linn-Black Library:

  1. Primary attention in the selection process shall be given to materials that support the curricular offerings of an undergraduate college. Materials primarily of interest to advanced undergraduates and graduate students will be selected to support curricular offerings of the Master of Education degree program.
  2. In selecting materials, the major considerations shall be the factual accuracy of the topic treated, the authoritativeness of the author or editor, the reputation of publisher, cost, suitability of format to content, and strength of current holdings in the same or related subject areas.
  3. The Library collects materials in a variety of formats, both print and nonprint. All materials must meet the same evaluative criteria for selection. Nonprint materials must be compatible with the hardware and software owned by the Library.

Within this basic framework, the following guidelines apply for specific categories of materials: