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CLB Library / Services / Circulation / Circulation Policy - Friends of the Library

Circulation Policy - Friends of the Library

What are the Friends of the Library?

The purpose of the The Friends of Catawba College Library is to stimulate interest in the collections and facilities of the Catawba College Library. Benefits of a Friend's Membership includes:

  • Limited Interlibrary Loan Services
  • Free Internet and Computer Time
  • Library Borrowing Privileges
  • Invitations to Special Events
  • Newsletter
  • Annual Meeting
  • Special Seating at annual Brady Author's Symposium
Who can join the Friends of the Library?

Anyone 16 years old or over with a valid ID (NC driver's license preferred).

Does it cost to join the Friends of the Library?

There is an annual fee of $20 to maintain membership.

Loan Periods
ItemLoan Period
Books30 Days
Videos, CDs and LPsIn-Library Use Only
Permanent Reserve MaterialsIn-Library Use Only

Important:Loans are subject to recall at any time if a Catawba student or faculty needs the book or if it is needed for the Reserve Section. The recalled item must be returned within 2 days of notification. On the 3rd day, fines begin accruing at the rate of $1.00 per day.

How many items can I borrow at a time?

Friends may borrow up to 10 books. A person can have only 10 books out at any given time. The person who signs the registration card is responsible for all fees and/or fines for overdue, lost, and damaged books.

Where do I return Materials?

All books are to be returned to the Catawba College Library. Materials may be returned to the Circulation Desk during the hours that the library is open. The drop box at the entrance to the library (at the top of the steps to the left) may be used when the library is closed.

Can I check-out Government Documents?

The Catawba College Library is a selective depository library both for United States and North Carolina documents. All residents have access to these collections. Documents must be used in the library, but photocopying facilities are available for both paper and microform documents.

Fines and Fees
ItemOverdue Fines
30 Day Loans$0.10 / day
Lost or Damaged Materials Fee
Replacement cost of material ($25 minimum) + $25 processing fee + any accrued fine at the time the item was reported lost or damaged.

If a fine or fee is owed, it must be paid before any other books can be borrowed. The library will suspend borrowing privileges for persons who have outstanding charges for fines and/or fees. In addition to this procedure, the library, as a member of the Salisbury-Rowan Merchants Association, turns over delinquent accounts to the Collection Services Association. All accounts referred to the Collection Services Division will be recorded on the debtor's permanent credit file.

Can I use your Interlibrary Loan Services?

Friends of the Library are eligible to use CLB Library's Interlibrary Loan services during the school year (typically August through May). During the summer months, due to staff limitations, Interlibrary Loan is only available to Catawba College students, faculty and staff.

Interlibrary loan services should be requested via the written forms available at the Circulation Desk.

There is no charge for items that the library can secure free of charge. If there are charges to secure items the library will charge the requestor what it costs to get the items.

Can I use the Computer Workstations?

Friends of the Library may use the public workstations for 90 minutes per day. Children under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult who will assume full responsibility for determining appropriate internet usage and supervising that usage. The adult may not log the child on to the computer and leave the building. These workstations provide Internet access, Microsoft Office Suite access, and access to NC Live databases. Friends of the Library may not have access to all the databases due to cost considerations.

Friends of the Library must agree to and abide by the Catawba College Library Internet Use Policy.

Can I use the Library's fax service?

Sorry, no. Fax services are only available to Catawba affiliated persons.

Are there copiers in the library?

Coin operated photocopying / microform copying is available in the library. Copies are 10 cents per sheet for photocopies and 20 cents per sheet for microform copies. Copying using library equipment must comply with the Catawba College Photocopying Guidelines