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Entrepreneurial Studies Source
Entrepreneurial Studies Source offers users full text for hundreds of periodicals and reference books, numerous case studies, thousands of company profiles and hundreds videos with transcripts and related articles from the Harvard Faculty Seminar Series and Vator.TV, one of the world's largest social network sites for high-tech entrepreneurs.

ESS contains: Full text for more than 125 key periodicals,135 reference books, Thousands of company profiles, and over 600 videos with transcripts and related articles from the Harvard Seminar Series and Vator.TV
NC Live Video Collection
A streaming video collection of over 500 educational and documentary programs produced for the Public Broadcasting Corporation (PBS). Includes selected episodes from "American Experience" and "Frontline," Ken Burns's "Civil War" and "Jazz," and much more.
The Merck Manuals
The Merck Manuals explain disorders, who is likely to get them, their symptoms, how they're diagnosed, how they might be prevented, and how they can be treated; also provides information about prognosis.

Based on the world's most widely used textbook of medicine—The Merck Manual—but written in everyday language by 300 outstanding contributors.

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