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NC Live Video Collection
A streaming video collection of over 500 educational and documentary programs produced for the Public Broadcasting Corporation (PBS). Includes selected episodes from "American Experience" and "Frontline," Ken Burns's "Civil War" and "Jazz," and much more.
netLibrary (now eBooks on EBSCOhost)
24,467 titles in Literature, Technology, Career & Self Help, How-to books and more!
Newspaper Source Plus
Newspaper Source Plus provides cover-to-cover full text for 149 national & international newspapers, including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, The Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Times (London), The Age, The Australian, The Toronto Star, The Irish Times and others. The database also contains selective full text for more than 410 U.S newspapers, including The Chicago Tribune, The Detroit Free Press, San Jose Mercury News, etc.

North American Women's Letters and Diaries (NWLD)
North American Women's Letters and Diaries (NWLD) includes the immediate experiences of 1,017 women, as revealed in approximately 120,000 pages of diaries and letters.
A readers' advisory service that is searchable by author, title, series name, and plot (including character, topic, time period, and setting) to retrieve descriptions, reviews, discussion guides, and feature articles related to books of interest. Readers may select from information provided to find similar books that appeal to them. Updated and expanded monthly, the service also includes author read-alikes, lists of award-winning fiction, and book lists arranged by genre and subgenre, feature articles, school content and more.
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