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24,467 titles in Literature, Technology, Career & Self Help, How-to books and more!
Contains registration statements,periodic reports9e.g., 10K, 8-K, etc), and other froms which public companies are repuired to file with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

English Poetry
Essentially the complete English poetic canon from 600 to 1900. Over 165,000 poems by more than 1,250 poets drawn from nearly 4,500 printed sources.
Entrepreneurial Studies Source
Entrepreneurial Studies Source offers users full text for hundreds of periodicals and reference books, numerous case studies, thousands of company profiles and hundreds videos with transcripts and related articles from the Harvard Faculty Seminar Series and Vator.TV, one of the world's largest social network sites for high-tech entrepreneurs.

ESS contains: Full text for more than 125 key periodicals,135 reference books, Thousands of company profiles, and over 600 videos with transcripts and related articles from the Harvard Seminar Series and Vator.TV
Environment Complete
This resource offers deep coverage in the areas of agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, and affiliated areas of study.  This valuable database contains more than 2.5 million records from thousands of domestic and international titles dating back over 100 years  with over a thousand active core titles.
ERIC (Public)
FOR FULL-TEXT, SELECT ERIC (Subscription) DATABASE. The ERIC database (1966- present) contains 1.1 million bibliographic citations to a broad collection of education-related resources, from government reports to journal articles. Other materials include conference proceedings, project and program descriptions, curriculum guides, bibliographies, and more. ERIC will continue to index and disseminate information in the topics covered by the ERIC clearinghouses in addition to information on closing the achievement gap and educational practices that improve academic achievement and promote learning, as mandated by the Education Sciences Reform Act of 2002. Beginning in October 2004, ERIC provided users with online access to the full-text of approximately 107,000 ERIC documents in PDF image format. These materials are available at no cost and will continue to be updated.
ERIC (Subscription)
The ERIC database is the world's largest source of education information, containing abstracts of research reports and journal articles on education research and practice. Some full text is available. This database covers materials published between 1966 and the present.
ETS Test Collection
The collection is the largest in the world. It was established to make information on standardized tests and research instruments available to researchers, graduate students, and teachers. The tests contained in this collection were acquired from a variety of U.S. publishers and individual test authors. Foreign tests are also included in the collection, including some from Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.
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